March 4, 2020

Terrie Rollins, CEO RMR Technology Group has been selected as the Panel Moderator for the March 10th ACT IAC Federal Insight Exchange Session featuring DHS WorkForce of the Future.

“After completion of the interview process, it was a coveted honor to be recognized and selected as the Panel Moderator and Industry Subject Matter Expert.”

Terrie Rollins
CEO, RMR Technology Group

During the session, a panel of leadership from across the Department will discuss skill areas needed now and in the future. The panel will also tackle a number of big picture questions including “what are the key workforce initiatives and challenges for DHS?” and “where does DHS need industry and what is the acquisition outlook?”. The session will also include keynote speaker Angela Bailey, Chief Human Capital Officer, DHS, and panelist Karen Filipponi, Chief Component Human Capital Officer, Federal Emergency Management Agency.

View the ACT IAC FIE DHS WorkForce Program HERE.